The global semiconductor shortage, sparked by pandemic-influenced demand spikes, reportedly led to a near-sellout of 2022 chip supply before the year even started, but

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,Surely the Fed gods will affirm the cult's most revered articles of faith. But false gods eventually

Investors are way too pessimistic about the economy. And their gloom—driven by the mainstream press (as usual)—is setting us up for a rare “double

We have been recommending that investors short Peloton since October 2020. Even after falling 76% in 2021 and continuing to drop this month, Peloton’s

A genetically modified pig's heart has been successfully transplanted into a human for the first time.The operation, performed in Baltimore in the United States on Friday,

Arizona Gov. Doug DuceyDoug DuceySome in GOP begin testing party's lockstep loyalty to Trump Trump slams Biden, voices unsubstantiated election fraud claims at first

The Supreme Court said on Friday that it would revisit part of a decision it made in 2020 on a case, which focused on

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Peloton shares plummeted Thursday after CNBC obtained documents stating the company is temporarily halting the production of its bikes and treadmills.In a confidential presentation