Echoes of Education, Love for America, and Civic Duty. In the quiet departure of Charlie Munger, Henry Kissinger, Sandra Day O'Connor, and

The title of this blog was inspired by Disney’s Encanto, a story about a family living in a charmed villa in the mountains of

Authored by Techno Fog via The Reactionary,Henry Kissinger is dead at 100.He rose to power from humble beginnings. His middle-class Jewish

As the US government hurtles toward insolvency while political and cultural divisions intensify across the country, Texans are poised to take their long-simmering flirtation with

Dear Quentin, My father lent my brother the funds to purchase a house in 2006. The loan was formal and registered in the county.

Dear MarketWatch, I am a 60 year-old single woman who lives with a partner, who is a disabled. We are not married mostly due

A divided federal appeals court struck down some Biden administration rules regarding the Title X family planning program, but will continue to allow

If you do things the right way, in the long run you will get positive results.  But if you do things the wrong way,